Hit the pause button……..


Remember those childhood games we all used to play (before the age of electronics), like freeze tag, red rover, etc.?  And remember what you would say if you needed to run inside for a drink or bathroom break?  You probably shouted “time out!”, right?  Well that is no longer the right word to choose if you need a break.

The new word, the 2014 CORRECT word (according to my children), is pause.  REALLY???  They were having a nerf war in the house and I heard, “You can’t shoot me, I said pause”.   WHAT??  Think about it………they can dvr their shows and pause whenever they want.  When they get called to take out the trash while playing xbox, they can pause the game.  When using their Nintendo DS systems in the car and we stop for a bathroom break, they pause the games.  I now understand why they shout “pause” during an action game.  I wonder if public school PE teachers have ever heard this?  Either way, when I woke up yesterday I was thankful to my children for teaching me about the word pause.  Because that is exactly what I did!

It was supposed to be a busy, busy day of cleaning, laundry, and packing for a weekend trip.  I expected it to be a tough day because I went to bed with a terrible head cold/sinus infection starting.  But when I woke up to see this……….

snow day

I decided to say “pause” and spend my day here.




And I am glad that I did, because I feel much better today!  Not 100%, but much, much better than I did yesterday!

Special thanks to my amazing husband who told me to stay in bed, and made his own coffee/breakfast and to my children who played well together all day and even made their own breakfast and lunch!

This morning (after sleeping in), I have hit the resume button!  Bring on the day!  🙂


One thought on “Hit the pause button……..

  1. fitmom27

    I love this post! Pause….and resume. Perfect! Well written and encouraging. 🙂 Did you guys move again? Last I knew you were still in WV. 🙂

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