Stick with it Saturday………..CREATE


In order to be accountable to my word of the year………create, I will share on each Saturday what I have done that week to be diligent and focused on my goals.  This past week, more specifically last night, I focused on creating strong family relationships.

You see, I think we may have made a bit of a mistake in choosing Christmas gifts for the kids this year.  This is the first year that EVERYONE received a techy gift. As a result, we have all been doing our own thing, on our new devices the majority of the days since Christmas.  Last night, DJ was on his  Mac, I was downloading books to my  Nook, Kinsley was playing games on her  Nook, Jarrett was discovering new apps on his Ipod, and Hunter was playing his  xbox online with a friend.  No interaction AT ALL.  Now I know in my heart that this is WRONG, but selfishly, I was enjoying the quiet.

After about an hour, I asked if anyone wanted to play Uno and have hot chocolate with whipped cream.  You know what?  They ALL dropped their electronics and came running immediately.  We enjoyed several games of Uno and Old Maid and let the “dalek” (a Christmas present to daddy), walk around the table saying “Exterminate, exterminate”.  It was fun.  It was reconnecting as a family.  It was something that we need to do more often and it is my job to see that it happens.  It is CREATING memories and strong chocolate and uno

Hunter dalek


I have been trying to think of a special family activity for Valentine’s Day.  We normally just make a red/heart themed meal and give the kids a small gift.  But this year, I would like to do something else.  Something that really says, “family is important and you are loved”.  What does your family do for Valentine’s Day?



One thought on “Stick with it Saturday………..CREATE

  1. fitmom27

    Love, love, LOVE this! Excellent post. Games are such great relationship bonders and provide great character building opportunities. I actually did a post on games recently too. It’s so nice to be blogging friends again. I have MISSED you in this arena! 🙂

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