When public schools are closed………….


ImageI love it!!!  When public school are closed due to cold temps or snow days,or whatever reason , it makes my life as a homeschool mom SO. MUCH. EASIER!  And I am not just talking about our LOCAL public schools.  My life gets really easy when the mountains of WV gets snow days (which happens to be quite often in Oct-April) and WE live in Missouri!  You see, my oldest sons best buddy is in WV.  Both of my boys enjoy playing minecraft on their laptops, or xbox live with WV boy.  Therefore, when my phone goes off at 7 p.m. announcing the cancellation of a certain WV school system (yes, I get the alerts on my phone), I make the announcement and my boys start asking me what work they need to complete for the NEXT day!

Now, I wish I could tell you that they are just very scholarly young men who enjoy pre-algebra, science, and language arts SO MUCH that they anxiously await pulling out the books. But that would be a lie.  And since friends don’t lie to each other, I will tell you that a couple of years ago, I figured out that I could entice encourage them to get their work done quickly and correctly (that also means neatly) by letting them have fun electronics early when WV boy has snow days.  Works like a charm.  They have even asked me to get them up early so they can start their school work.  Now isn’t THAT every mothers dream.

Not to brag, but they even do their work without needing assistance every 5 minutes.  Which is pretty amazing in itself, because when WV boy is in school, they tend to need help with EVERYTHING because it is just too hard……………..  But magically, when their friend is home, my boys become the highly intelligent problem solving young men that I knew they could be!  They finish their work in record time.  They remember to label their papers with name, subject and date. They write neatly AND they get almost everything correct.

Now we all know that what works in our homeschool one year, may not work the next.  And when that time comes, I feel that I am prepared!  They have a cousin in Kansas who attends public school and just started playing xbox online…….hehehe.  We bought him the same game that my son’s love to play.  They don’t know this yet.  I’ll keep that secret until I need it!

Now, I have shared my secret for how to get  minecraft loving boys  to joyfully complete their work.  Can anyone tell me how to get my 6-year-old daughter to take a break from school???  She starts when she gets up in the morning and stops when she goes to bed.  She has completed more workbooks in her 6 years than most public school kids complete in 12 years of education.  She gets upset if we take a Christmas break from school………..or a weekend!  Here she is sitting in the closet, copying her word wall after I told her school was finished for the day!

k in closet


2 thoughts on “When public schools are closed………….

  1. fitmom27

    Haha, LOVE this post and hey, whatever it takes to motivate, right? My now 26 year old daughter, was just like your daughter and she is still like that today. She loves to learn, and is a go getter in life. In fact, my girls are all definitely WAY more motivated, scholastically than my boys. I can’t get them to take days off, but my boys are enthusiastic about days off and struggle with staying motivated about their school work…..unless of course, there is a HUGE tool of motivation such as you wrote about. 🙂 Great post. 🙂

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