Stick with it Saturday – Create FUN LEARNING


This week we all struggled with motivation issues.  We had become very spoiled by our lazy Christmas vacation time.  We stayed up to late, slept in and had more jammy days than we did get dressed days.  I’m all about being comfortable during learning time, but it also gives us a sense of entitlement to lounge when we are not dressed for the day.  We will do better about grooming for the day next week. 🙂

As a result of our lack of motivation, I started searching for FUN ways to teach the kids.  Most of the time, they didn’t even realize that it was education.  This week the boys played a game of risk with Daddy.  Risk is amazing for teaching logic, strategy and geography.  I even logged 2 hours of learning time when they played it on Christmas Eve!  While our boys played Risk, Kinsley and I had a tea party and talked about manners.  You can never spend too much time reinforcing appropriate behavior, right?

The kids and I played a game of Farmopoly over a 3 day period.  It is just like monopoly only farming.  They really got into this.  Jarrett was our banker, so he had plenty of practice making change.  I think my best *idea* of the week was to take our fun electronic devices and turn them into educational tools.  We all downloaded Words with Friends on our devices and had some pretty competitive games going all week. I did get caught on that one though, when Jarrett said, “why do I have to do my spelling lesson?  I just did spelling with Words with Friends”.

I’m cracking down on them next week.  On me too!  I was just as bad about taking “breaks” during the day.  As a result we finished our school work late into the afternoon a few of those days and no one enjoys that!


Hunter's winning face

He called this his “winning look of a business man” and told me he really needs a fedora.

words with friends

Playing words with friends.


Competitive game of Risk.

tea at 3

3 o’clock tea with mommy and furry friends.


One thought on “Stick with it Saturday – Create FUN LEARNING

  1. fitmom27

    Jodi, I love this! We have actually gotten away from some of the relaxed, more “natural” ways of learning…..and I am a huge fan of natural learning. We do some….with electronic games, board games, books etc. but we are really structured Monday-Friday. If you would have asked me a few years ago about this, I would have highly recommended staying away from structure…..or to rather have a good balance between the two, lol. My personality needed the structure, for my own accountability and stick-to-itiveness. I’m all about changing things up regularly and can easily slip into the “take a break” mode every day….several times a day if I don’t have something to keep me on track. We ended up doing the Abeka DVD’s for the kids (which I used to be against….funny how God works in each individual life, isn’t it?) and they are working really well for our family. We need to add in more of the natural stuff again, though. That’s just as important. To be balanced is key. Thanks for a great reminder! Love your blog!

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