Stick with it Saturday – CREATE family memories


Our day started at 6:30…….never a good thing on a weekend. We quickly got ready, jumped in the car and headed to my hometown 4 hours away. First stop, was lunch at a local pizza place with our oldest son and his fiancee. Then we went to my parents house to celebrate a late Christmas with my brothers and their families, my two oldest children and their significant others. It was full of fun and many laughs. I especially enjoy these get togethers, because we have missed out on them for the past 10 years because we lived 16 hours away until this past summer! Good memories are being made as we catch up and cousins get reaquainted!

We went to visit my grandmother at the retirement home. She fell last week and broke her arm, and hasn’t felt much like getting out. She is such a joy and I love hearing her tell stories, or just vent about the state of our country. She is a very wise woman!

Last stop was my brother’s house since it was on the way out of town. They paid cash for a fixer upper last year and man have they fixed it up! It looks great and they own it free and clear! So proud of them!

We walked in the door tonight at 11:00. I’m ready to shower and fall into bed. Tomorrow we head to another town about an hour away to watch my youngest son play soccer. Our truck is starting to feel like our second home! 🙂


One thought on “Stick with it Saturday – CREATE family memories

  1. fitmom27

    Jodi, that whole trip sounds wonderful! I totally forgot you had older kids and I had no idea your son is engaged! How exciting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a fun and beautiful post. 🙂

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