Wait! We didn’t get a weekend!


When I think “weekend”, I think relaxation. At least a little rest and relaxation would be nice, but this weekend had none of that!
I already shared that we traveled 4 hours down and back to my hometown to see my family on Saturday. We got in at 11 p.m. last night and left at 9:30 this morning to head to another town about 1 hr 30 minutes from here for my 8 year olds soccer game. He played goalie for the first time EVER and he did a GREAT job! On our way home this evening, we received a text inviting him to play on the U10 travel team in the Spring! We are so proud of him! We got home about 6:30 with a carry out dinner and I immediately started planning our studies for next week. I am working toward better time management so we do not have to do anymore spelling tests in the car! We didn’t have time to finish everything on Friday, so my oldest student took his test on the way to the soccer tournament today!

12 hours in the car

Jarrett soccer

kinsley slide

While I am very, very tempted to take the day off tomorrow, it just isn’t going to happen. We have SO MUCH to accomplish in order to earn our Spring Break trip to Florida with my dear friend Nicole and her children.  It is amazing how hard we can work when we know there is a reward at the end!  We are even adding in Spanish and Hunter will start his ACT prep.  He is only in the 7th grade, but I found a wonderful opportunity for him to take Freshman English online next year from our local career center.  I want to utilize this resource NOW while it is available to us!  They also offer Algebra I and II and Geometry.  I think he can do it.  I think it will push him, and challenge him greatly, but I have recently realized that I do not expect enough from him.  He is capable of so much more.

Speaking of expecting more…………my husband and I made a tough decision this weekend. (When you spend 12 hours in the car together, you have lots of quality time to talk!)  We decided that there will be no television or electronic games of any sort between the hours of 8 and 3 on Sunday through Friday. It has become too easy to have these distractions and breaks that take way to long because they are “checking their stuff” online!  I was leaning for no electronics Monday through Friday, but my husband thought we should start with an 8-3 timeline and see how it goes.  We told the kids and believe it or not, there were no negotiations, or whining that occurred.  We will see how it goes tomorrow when they get up and try to turn on the television.  I’m sure I will be the “meanest mom ever”.  That’s ok……………..I’ve held that title for several years now!  🙂

How many days until the next weekend?  Oh wait…………..we have soccer out-of-town then, too!.  Sigh…………


2 thoughts on “Wait! We didn’t get a weekend!

  1. Way to go on limiting electroics! I just days ago initiated the no electronics until all school and chores were done rule. Mandating righteousness? Maybe. But the result has been motivated students!

  2. I got to thinking today that I can’t remember the last Saturday we had nothing to do and I can’t see when the next one will happen in the future. Looking so forward to our trip!!! We shut our t.v. and electronics off from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. During lunch they can get on the computer and iPad, but they are off again once lunch break is over. I find that the t.v. usually doesn’t even get turned on again until close to 7 p.m. at night, and that’s me turning it on. Electronics are another story, but baby steps, huh?

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