Beyond an 8-3 education


I have been on a journey of consideration the last few weeks.  Frustrated by my lack of motivation which has carried over to my children.  I have started to realize that I simply don’t expect enough from them.  My husband has pointed that out from time to time over the last year, but I tend to pull the mommy card and coddle them.  I should have listened because he was right!

I spent the last couple of weeks going through all of the bookmarked sites on my computer regarding education.  You know, the ones we don’t have time to look at right then, so we tuck them away for another day that never seems to come.  Well, my day finally came (several days, actually) where I stole an hour here and there to organize and check out these websites.  I thought I would share the one I used last night with my 13-year-old.  I will be visiting often.

I printed off a worksheet and an essay question based for him to fill out at he watched the State of the Union last night.  He expressed concern that it was “boring” and he wouldn’t understand it anyway.  But you know what?  He filled out the worksheet listing the topics and proposed plans of action AND he had a discussion with his dad and I afterward.  We tried to send him to bed, but he asked if he could continue watching the comments and discussion for a bit longer.  Be still my heart!!!  Why, OF COURSE, you can!!


hunter watching state  What in the world happened to my picture?   The TV should be on top, not behind his head.  Geesh.  I guess I need to work on figuring out how to do this.


I had originally told the kids that they could watch 30 minutes of TV during their lunch break as long as it was somewhat educational (read, NO SPONGEBOB).  They record Cut Throat Kitchen and usually watch that.  However, I tried serving their lunch at the dining room table instead of at the bar.  They didn’t seem to mind, so I turned on a video that I wanted them to watch about Galileo.  Best decision that I made all day!  Because that 5 minutes video let to a discussion and more videos of several topics………Neptune, Aristotle, Italy, and eventually the space shuttle The Challenger.  It was a great discussion that held the interest of ALL of my students (6,8 and 13) and that is not an easy task.

lunch break video Galileo

I should also share that the discussion about Galileo started from this resource:

It is an EASY way to get social studies and/or science into your day on a regular basis and it requires little planning.  I started using this because I felt that there was just so much information that we were missing that I felt my kids would enjoy.  After we become familiar with a person or event, we sometimes follow-up with library books or videos depending on their interest level.

I love it when we have post worthy days!  I wish it happened everyday!  I’ll take it when I can get it though and will share whatever resources made it happen!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!





One thought on “Beyond an 8-3 education

  1. fitmom27

    I love this post….definitely post worthy, but then I really enjoy reading all of yours! We totally love “natural” learning like this and some of the best times have been when we’ve watched documentaries on WWII or the Holocaust etc. We actually studied as a family, every war America has been involved in. The kids loved it. We also studied ancient Egypt as a family for about three years straight….we were all so fascinated with it and it made the Bible come alive. 🙂 Love, love… this post! Yay…….GO MOM! 🙂

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