Hospitality…..or the lack of


Hospitality is not something that I think of often.  It is something that we do……often, but I have never given it much thought.  Until, that is, my family was the recipient of a lack of hospitality.  I am not one to have my feelings hurt easily.  I don’t “do” drama.  But when you drive several hours to see someone who asks you to please make sure that you eat before you arrive………….WHAT???  Who does that?

Am I wrong?  Is this the new “normal”?  Maybe I am just being overly sensitive.  Our family is just different, I guess.  We have company often.  We invite our friends, my husbands co-workers, our neighbors to share a meal.  We extend a standing invitation to our family if they want to travel here.  Sometimes money is tight, but I can make a huge pot of potato soup and cornbread for just pennies a serving.  We seldom have fancy dinners when we have company.  I just offer them whatever we are planning to have that night.  Sometimes it is burgers on the grill, sometimes baked chicken and mashed potatoes, once it was even leftovers!  😉

In trying to convince myself that my feelings should not be hurt by the refusal of hospitality, I ask myself WHY we invite others into our home.  I don’t really know……………we just do.  It feels right.  It is fun.  It exposes our children to many types of people and they learn to interact with adults on various levels.  It is kind.

When my husband and I were newly weds, he mentioned that he would like to invite one of his co-workers over.  A week later, I received a phone call from the co-workers wife (whom I had never met), asking what she could bring this weekend.  Yep, you guessed it.  My husband had extended the invitation and forgot to let me in on it!  I wish I could say it was the last time it happened, but um……nope!

One year we had 2 soldiers (that we had never met before), one from Hawaii and one from Texas to our home for Thanksgiving dinner.  They are still friends today and we recently received a wedding invitation from one of them.  They enrich our lives.  People enrich our lives when we choose to interact with them on a personal level.

Ok, no more whining.  I’m over it!



4 thoughts on “Hospitality…..or the lack of

  1. In the south it’s a rule, if you cross my threshold you receive the offer of a drink and a snack or meal. I sometimes forget to offer if it’s a very close friend, simply because I expect they are comfortable enough to know where I keep everything and that they are welcome to it just get it no permission required. It’s a rule though, a standing guideline that all women in the south adhere to…….feed thy neighbor (and thy neighbor is anyone who crosses your threshold)

  2. That’s really sad. Sorry that happened to you. Our family loves having company & you’re right, our lives are richer for it. I think I feel even more sad for the person who refused to be a hostess because they’re shortchanging themselves of the opportunity to be a blessing, and in turn, being blessed. Don’t let that rob you of your peace or joy…Instead, move on and invite someone else over for dinner! 😉

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