Rediscovering Toys………….


My 8-year-old and 13-year-old son are pretty ticked off at their dad and I. We have been very mean to them, but not in the way that they think. If you ask them, we have been “mean” by greatly limiting their time playing games on the computer/xbox/ipod. If you ask me, it was mean of us to ever let them become addicted in the first place. My boys are having to relearn how to play with toys. I know that for a 13-year-old that is especially hard because at this age they are giving up their “play” time. So let me re-phrase and say that we are having them relearn creativity. If you recall, CREATE was MY word for 2014. It was about being intentional in my life. I have taken this very seriously and in the process, come to the realization that electronics have taken over our lives. Quickly tired of fighting the resistance of limited technology, I turned to my local library for help! I found this book:

creative thinkeringWhat a gem!!!  From this book, I have learned that we are all born creative, but it is stolen from us when we entered school.  Consider the quote from the book referring to the day we entered school.  “We were not taught how to think; we were taught to reproduce what past thinkers thought.”

Yeah………….my kids think I am off my rocker.  My husband is fully supportive and really contributing to this change of life style.  And that’s what it must be………..a lifestyle change.  It is hard and right now, it hurts!  It is especially hard because it is winter.  It is easy to allow extra time on technology because it is winter, but in reality, there is SO MUCH TO DO indoors before the weather warms and we spend our days outside.  We have numerous puzzles to be put together.  We recently discovered the game of scrabble as a family.  We love playing Uno and Old maid.  My children are usually OK with playing family games.  The hard part is when they have to entertain THEMSELVES without technology.

I recently did a search for toys on Amazon.  With Valentines Day approaching, perhaps I will do a bit more than we normally do and buy an actual activity to help the kids with their transition.   Here are a few things I am considering:

DIY Rubber band bracelets loom kit lego friends Lego Minecraft The Village spirograph

DIY Rubber Band Bracelet loom kit, Lego friends, Lego minecraft and spirograph.  Remember spirograph??  I am also considering latch hook kids and lightbright.

We do have an entire library of children’s books and we make a weekly trip to our local library (which is beyond amazing).

Please, do share what your children enjoy playing with.  This process is tough on mom right now!  We do not have a peaceful home when everyone is in withdrawal  and bickering.  I have to teach my kids to be kids again!  I need help!  And coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Rediscovering Toys………….

  1. fitmom27

    Amen and AMEN! Applause! LOVE This and I am sharing it, if you don’t mind. 🙂 Excellent. We have cut off movies….during the week and they have to have express permission to use electronics at all times. Games….we need to start playing them regularly again. Thanks for sharing, Jodi. Love it!

    • Thank you, Jana! To be honest, sometimes I think it is harder on me than it is on them. We are having small breakthroughs though. It is currently our lunch break and so far not one whine or request for electronic activities! My younger kids occupied themselves with legos (without my suggestion) and my older son was reading. FOR FUN!!! 🙂

      • fitmom27

        Haha, I know what you mean! It is hard on us moms to make those changes, but I know it’s worth it in the end. Brandi and I were researching “Lap Books” today and it is amazing how many variations there are and all the different things we can do with them. Even the oldest kids can do some great stuff. Have you ever done them? They really are cool. We are thinking about getting the supplies (inexpensive) and having each of the kids choose a subject they are interested in, and then using our co-op school times for lap booking and cooking projects. This could spur the kids on to doing some research of their own in between our co-op days.

  2. So we ARE being mean together! 🙂 I totally hear you on the electrical stimulation withdrawal. Give them a “school” assignment to create a Lego set that goes with whatever they’re studying. Mine did a sail boat when we studied Cabot. Not that Legos solve all the problems, but somehow Legos as schoolwork makes them take more time with them.

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