Classical Conversations………anyone??


We are considering Classical Conversations. I am attending an informational meeting next month.  Anyone have any good or bad experience with it?  Any thoughts at all?

When we first started home education, I was all about the classical method.  Then I learned about the Charlotte Mason method and tried it for a while.  I suppose now you could describe us as eclectic!  I am just finding that the older my son gets (13 now), the more I want him challenged in every area.  Please share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Classical Conversations………anyone??

  1. We started out classical too and have gradually drifted to Charlotte Mason. I think the two styles blend well at places. I always wanted to try Classical Conversations but there is not a group in our area…sorry…guess that wasn’t much help.

    • Thanks for sharing. I do enjoy the Charlotte Mason style, but I keep talking myself out of it for my 13 year old. It seems great for the younger kids, but I think *I* need a more college like education by the time they get to high school!

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