A Minecraft Party


We moved into our house in November.  It started to snow and turned very cold shortly after that.  We have only met one neighbor and that was because he stopped to chat while driving by.  The kids have not made any new friends, even though there are signs of children in our neighborhood.  We just have not seen anyone outside.  Since we chose not to join a co-op this year, we don’t even know any homeschooled children in our town.  So we decided to host a minecraft party!  I posted it on our local homeschool forum and the planning began!  Three families responded within the hour!

The boys worked with their dad to make sure that we could tie all computers together to play on the same server off line.  We made a snack menu, made a few decorations, and had a blast putting everything together!  When the day finally arrived, we had one last minute cancellation.  A second family had a medical emergency with Dad in the hospital (everything is ok now).  The third family with 2 children did come and they are the exact ages as my two oldest minecraft fanatics!

We started out with a very short video introducing us to castles.


Then we learned about a medieval castle just a couple of hours from us!  Then the kids got busy creating their castles!  It was soooo quiet in here as their creative juices were flowing!  After 45 minutes of building, we had a snack and then they shared their creations!  Each one was very different, but very impressive.  It amazes me what these kids can do on this game.

Our goal in hosting this party was to meet like-minded friends the same age as my boys.  Mission accomplished!  The kids got along so well and the mom and I enjoyed some grown up conversation!  Next week we host a tea party for girls my daughters age!

minecraft party 2 minecraft party 3 minecraft party 4 minecraft party 5 minecraft party 6 minecraft party 7 minecraft party1


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