kids outside

kinsley outside with crossbow




Life has been crazy.  Good, but crazy!  We got so much accomplished in school this week and we hosted a tea party for 6-year-old girls this afternoon! I didn’t get any good pictures, but we used the real china, and had fairy bread and fruit cups for snack.  They day before the party, I started receiving messages from the moms because we were supposed to have freezing rain/sleet by this morning.  Last night, during her bedtime prayers, Kinsley said, “Jesus, can you please make the weather nice, because I really want to meet my new friends. Please.”  We woke up this morning to sunshine.  No rain, snow, or sleet.  Our party ended at 3 p.m. and it is just now starting to cloud up.  Seriously, the sun has been shining ALL DAY!  Thank you, Jesus, for hearing my little girl and saying yes to her heartfelt request.


Today is the 4th week since we started our 1/2 day of cleaning on Friday.  It is working SO WELL!  I have tried so many different systems and methods of cleaning over the years.  You know what FINALLY worked for us?  When I quit using other people’s systems and made my own!  It is the perfect fit for OUR family and OUR schedule and OUR lifestyle right now.  If my kids were much older or younger, it probably wouldn’t work as well.  If we didn’t homeschool, it probably would work as well.  I’ll share in detail soon!  🙂





And now I am waiting for my wonderful husband to get home so we an snuggle up and wait for the winter storm to arrive.  Tomorrow is his birthday!  We were planning to spend the day “in the city”, but with expected ice and snow, I had to prepare a back up plan.  Yesterday I picked up a nice steak for him, ice cream and frosting to decorate his chocolate chip cookie cake!  Bring on the snow!!  I could use a weekend of family games and getting all snuggled up on the sofas watching movies!


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