Is that the voice of God?


I wonder.

I think it is.

No, maybe not.

Yes, it must be!

Does this happen to you? Do you ever try to discern if a reoccurring thought is a message from God, or just a creation of your own? I do. I have, for years now and it is on the same subject. So my question is, HOW DO YOU KNOW???

Please allow me to think out loud for a moment as I attempt to make sense of this.

1. Is it biblical?

Over time, these are the scriptures that I have “stumbled” upon. James 1:27, Matthew 18:5-6, Psalm 83:3

2. What does my husband, as leader of our family, have to say?

He is not against the idea. He would support the idea. However, he does not speak of it unless I do. It has not been put upon his heart as it has mine.

3. Do we have the means (finances, physical, emotional capabilities)?

It would be an adjustment for the entire family. But so was moving across the county and we survived that! 🙂
Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

4. Does it follow our priorities? God first, family second, everything thing else last.

I think so. But which category does it fall under? Is it sharing the Gospel (God), considering the needs of my family (family), or does it fall under “everything else”.?

Ok……… that I have thought out loud. Let me share that the issue I am struggling with is Foster care. I have requested information in 2 different states during the last 5 years. I have researched, prayed, talked with foster care moms, prayed some more, talked with my husband and children, prayed some more. Is God calling our family to fostering? If he was, wouldn’t my husband also know this rather than just agreeing to it because it is on my heart? I would greatly appreciate if you would share any wisdom, experience or thoughts that you might have. I would also greatly appreciate your prayers.


7 thoughts on “Is that the voice of God?


    Our Father speaks personally w/us.

    Hearing the voice of GOD is something we have to be trained for, if we haven’t been raised in it, & He is an excellent teacher. He speaks to each one of us differently, in a way that He knows WE will understand. Many don’t realize that He talks to us all the time. Using the scriptures, of course, & friends, & that special still small voice, that is for us alone. I still miss hearing Him on occasion. I have learned, tho, that once He gives instructions, or a ‘word’, & I understand it, He won’t give anything else until I have acted on that. At least that is how He works w/me.

  2. fitmom27

    Oh great advice from the englishrose. 🙂 I’ll be praying that for you and your family. Thanks for sharing this. ((hugs))

  3. I’ve been there many times myself. One thought might be to pray that if this is the Lord’s will that God would give your husband a burning desire to foster also, while you refrain from bringing it up again. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if something is God’s will, He will bring peace and not confusion. There’s my two cents on the matter. 😉 I’ll be praying for you all. Blessings!

    • marilee2014

      EnglishRose is absolutely correct. Without ur hubs complete involvement in this, (not just his backing)…. there is no way u can pull it off. Remember, he needs ur time & energy also. Then, consider ur own children, & how much of u & ur time they need right now. Just a few yrs down the road… how young u r going to be when u have that “empty house” business going on. Then, u will have more of yourself to give to the Foster Children….. I only say this because, the older I get, I can’t believe how very young I am…. 😀 In love, & prayers …..

    • You haven’t updated on this topic so I was just curious. I wanted to share with you some of my families experience but I’ll wait to see where God has lead you and your family.

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