Before we moved, I heard our dear pastor say more than once, “You are either going through a trial, coming out of a trial, or getting ready to go through a trial”.   Over the year that I heard him say that, life was good.  Not perfect, but it was good.  The last three months, however, I have come to appreciate and really understand what he was saying.  Trials……….they come in so many forms.  Health, financial, spiritual, family………..just to name a few.  What the trial IS, is not really important.  The important thing is how do you deal with it.  I believe that even in a trial, you should have peace.  If you do not, you are not on the right path.  When we submit to God, our lives, our fears, our worries, when we give it ALL to him, we will have peace.  I KNOW this.  I UNDERSTAND this.  And yet, I fight this.

Yes, I have been in the midst of a few trials during the past few months.  I have been researching and spending hours on the computer.  I have neglected my family by trying to solve one trial on my own and thus creating even more trials.  It has become a cycle.  And today, sitting in church, I began to understand.  The funny thing is, the sermon that I was listening to really had nothing to do with my revelation.  Honestly, I think that it was the first time in a long time that I just sat and was quiet.  I was able to hear God because out of pure exhaustion, my mind was not on other things.  It was refreshing, and I left the service today a lot lighter than I had entered.  It was a great feeling.

Today I spent the afternoon with my youngest daughter.  Away from my research.  Away from the computer.  We baked cookies and finished reading  The Secret Garden.  I had time later in the day to discuss an opportunity that has presented with my husband.  He immediately gave his full support and encouragement.  Exciting things, that are a bit outside my comfort zone, are getting ready to move quickly.  I have peace about them.    The trial that has consumed me the past couple of months, has been given to God.  It still requires action on our parts, but it does not require my constant attention and research.

Do you have trials you are going through now?  Have you given them to God and ask Him to lead you, to comfort you and to direct your every path?  If not, I encourage you too. 

Psalm 27:1  “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”



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